Neil has played/worked in professional sport for over 20 years. As well as his work in athletics, taekwondo, rugby and football he is the co-founder of Underground Training Station (UTS). For 10 years UTS has provided elite level performance services and facilities to  recreational users as well as semi-pro and pro athletes. For the last 8 years Neil has developed a unique youth training system that is leading the UK in both its innovation and methods of delivery.

The UTS Youth Academy: Fun, Energy & Learning From A Load of Mistakes

During this presentation Neil will highlight his 3 tier system that sees over 100 children coached weekly at the Underground Training Station (UTS) Youth Academy. He will also highlight key factors in the development of the academy, the different types of sessions and activities available including S&C, calisthenics and boxing, as well as mistakes made along the way as they sought to engage a wide range of young people not just talented young athletes looking to progress into elite sport.

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