Child To Champion 2019 #Speaker Focus – Dr. Joe Eisenmann


Joe Eisenmann, PhD is a diverse scholar-practitioner with 25 years of experience as a professor, researcher, sport scientist, coach educator, strength & conditioning coach, and youth sports coach. He has published 180 peer-reviewed scientific papers, lectured nationally and internationally, served on several national-level committees and projects involving pediatric sports medicine, youth fitness, youth sports, and strength & conditioning, and has coached and developed thousands of youth and high school athletes and coaches.

In 2012, he founded and directed Spartan Performance at Michigan State University, a youth sports performance training and research center. In 2017, he served as the Director of High Performance and Education at USA Football where he oversaw efforts in long-term athlete development, health & safety, and coach education.

Currently, he is consulting in the areas of long-term athlete development and sports science with Volt Athletics and Sports Performance Tracking. He is also a visiting professor at Leeds Beckett University and leading efforts in long-term athlete development for the the National Strength & Conditioning Association.

Talk Overviews:

Hurricanes, The Stock Market & The Prediction of Future Athletic Ability

Can we predict future athletic ability in youth? Who’s the next target athlete? This presentation will examine concepts and current research in talent identification including genetics, testing and tracking or the stability of athletic traits from child to adolescence and into young adulthood. Lastly, we will consider if we are we doing it right or should we be taking different approaches?

Historical Perspectives on LTAD

The concept of long-term athlete development (LTAD) is not new. Understanding the history of a topic gives us access to the laboratory of human experience so that we can learn from past experiences – good and bad. This presentation will provide deeper insight and critique into LTAD concepts born out of former Soviet bloc with application of the underpinnings to contemporary sport academies and national and local grassroot efforts at improving the youth sport experience.

The Adolescent Speed Bump: History, Assessment & Impact on Performance

The process of growth and maturation occupy the first two decades of life. A major event during this time is the adolescent growth spurt. If you are working with adolescent athletes it is critical to understand this process and it’s impact.

In this presentation the following questions will be addressed: What does growth at adolescence look like? What factors affect maturation? How can we assess maturation? How does growth at adolescence impact performance? How do we control for maturation when testing/monitoring? What is the role of ‘bio-banding’?

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