We’ve recently launched the Proformance LTAD Pathway through our LTAD Hub. It is an incredible resource for anyone interested in LTAD. At present it includes our Foundation Phase curriculum. With our Development and Performance Phases to be available to purchase next year.

Our aim through the LTAD Hub is to help Academies, Schools, Clubs and Private Gym owners build and develop their LTAD Pathways. Our coaches have years of experience developing Long Term Athletic Development programmes to optimise the physical development of young athletes in a range of settings including private sector training facilities, state and independent secondary schools and for National Centres of Excellence.

Within the member’s you can access the newly developed Proformance LTAD Pathway that will provide a progressive 3-stage curriculum for developing young athletes. Helping you to build your athletes from the ground up with engaging content and systematic training progressions that can be applied in any setting, with some open space and the standard strength and conditioning equipment.

Check out this video below from our recent Integrated LTAD workshop where Proformance S&C Director James Baker provides an introduction to our athlete development pathway along with its aims, objectives and outcomes.

Join us and our growing network of clubs, schools, academies and private gym facilities around the world by subscribing now!

Alternatively, contact us to arrange a demo and discuss how we can help you in your mission to develop your LTAD Pathway