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Leaders in LTAD Programme

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The Leaders in LTAD programme provides an opportunity for anyone to apply to present at our events including our live events (i.e. Regional Hubs and Annual Conferences) and online events (i.e. monthly webinar events)

The successful applicant(s) will get full access to the event they are selected to present at, along with the opportunity to showcase their work.

If you are selected to present our team will be in contact to discuss the location, dates and times of the events to ensure you are available.

Please complete the following sections.

All applications will be reviewed by our advisory board, and the successful applicant(s) will be notified by email.




What's Included?

  • Access to a world-leading coach education network

  • Learn, share & connect with leaders in LTAD

  • A global platform with opportunities to showcase you & your work

  • Bi-weekly live forums for discussion & collaboration with fellow practitioners

  • Over 100 hours of online video content

  • Access to our Child To Champion LTAD Pathway (VIP membership)
  • Access to our LTAD Pathway Development Group (VIP membership)
  • Discounts on our conferences and from selected partners

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