Home of Long Term Athletic Development

An elite-cross section of coaches and mentors whose goal is to bring the best knowledge and understanding in Long Term Athletic Development directly to you.

Our Mission

To provide an industry leading education network for fitness and performance coaches around the world, assembling trusted leaders in performance with a proven track record for success, to share their knowledge.

Achieving Our Mission

Our presenters are true leaders from the field of athletic development, with a proven track record of success. We are providing our members with the chance to learn from the very best in the business when it comes to maximizing athletic performance.


Provide a Continuous Development Pathway 

With LTAD, your potential for growth is limitless as we provide you with opportunities to continuously grow and develop. 

Translate Expert Knowledge Into Practice

We have an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience in our craft and are passionate about helping you develop further.

Connect the Global Community

Creating a positive and welcoming network of people from all around the world is at the very heart of what we do

Free Resources

Get Instant Access to over 700 Minutes of LTAD Network Content within our 'Free Resources Section'. View insights and research from some of the World's leading coaches and researchers and see why the LTAD Network is the biggest LTAD Platform in the World

Also includes exclusive insights and content from one of our partners,  The English Institute of Sport (EIS).
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The Online Hub is equipped with the most in-depth and comprehensive Long Term Athletic Development research and understanding to date. Over the past 6 years we have brought together leaders in the field of athletic development for events in the UK and USA through our Child To Champion and High Performance Athletic Development events.

The Online Hub provides instant access to learn from leading Strength & Conditioning practitioners from the comfort of your own home or office. Saving thousands of pounds in travel and conference fees by allowing you to stream lectures and practicals direct to your laptop or mobile device.

  • Access to a world-leading coach education network
  • Learn, share & connect with leaders in LTAD
  • A global platform with opportunities to showcase you & your work
  • Member's forum for discussion & collaboration with fellow practitioners
  • New video lectures added each month
  • Access to our Pathway Development Group (VIP membership)
  • Over 150 hours of online video content
  • Discounts on our conferences and from selected partners


Our Youth Physical Development Pathway is a one-of-a-kind resource created to help your school, club or facility to provide a world-class programme to the young people you work with. Our progressive 3-phase system will help you development young athletes in to elite level performers.

Our curriculum based programme, will continue to evolve as research and insights into the field of Long Term Athletic Development develop. As this unique and specialised field continues to expand, access to the latest knowledge and understanding that has been tried and tested by elite scholars and coaches in the real world.

The Foundation and Development Phases are live to access immediately after sign up, with the Performance Phase to follow in 2022. 

Here's what you can access inside with a VIP membership:

  • Clear objectives and outcomes within each phase
  • Engaging content tried and tested with young athletes in a range of settings
  • Access age and stage appropriate programmes for strength, speed, power and agility. 
  • Game based resources
  • Comprehensive exercise library
  • How to optimise training for large groups of athletes
  • Access our Pathway Development Group sessions
  • Join Monthly live webinars & Member's Forum for discussion & collaboration with fellow practitioners
  • Masterclass lectures with leading experts in LTAD including Dr. Mike Young, Dr. Joe Eisenmann & James Baker
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