UK LTAD Conference '24: The Practicals

The practical sessions of our conferences are always a highlight and a gold mine for building your coaching tool box. Find out here what will be covered in the practicals at this year's conference in the UK
Apr 25
We've got a range of practical sessions on this year's conference programme with four superb presenters. Below is a a run down of the four presenters and an overview of the sessions you will be get to be a part of over the course of the two days:

Howard Green
Bolton Tennis Arena

What about sport specific shapes?

We are all in agreement about the importance of mastering the Fundamental Movement Skills and Shapes, but what about the Sport Specific Skills and Shapes for youth athletes? Should these be covered by the S&C coach?

Through a practical session, we will use tennis as a working example of identifying the sports specific movement shapes required to move optimally. Using the concept of disguising the shapes and tools such as constraints led coaching, we will explore how we can enhance sport performance by building the coordination and capacity of sport specific shapes.

Russ Earnshaw
The Magic Academy

Coaching Craft - Linking your coach behaviours to practise design

We control two things practice design and coach behaviours. This session will bring to life different options for the latter with a dive into Rusty's toolbox of coaching skills including: noticing, story telling, freezes, replays  old way/new way, timing, feedback and questioning.

Dr. Ben Pullen
Young Athlete Training

Strength training strategies for the child athlete - Breaking free from over structure to make training developmentally appropriate

In this practical, Ben will demonstrate how the development of athletic motor skill competencies and physical performance can be enhanced through challenge based strength training. Additionally, how challenge based strength training sessions can be structured, periodised, and aligned to children’s psychological attributes with the intent of making strength training more developmentally appropriate.

Dr. Mike Young
Athletic Lab / LTAD Network

Developing strength, power and stiffness without the Olympic Lifts

During this practical session, Mike will share his toolbox for developing strength, power and stiffness away from the commonly used tool of Olympic lifting using methods such as: plyometrics, loaded jumps and throws, assisted jumps and banded exercises.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn and connect with Howard, Rusty, Ben and Mike at the UK conference in June at Hartpury Uni in Gloucestershire.

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See what previous attendees had to say about the event

Thomas John
Lead Academy Performance Coach (U9-16s) - Arsenal FC
"I struggle at conferences unless they have 3 key things: talks specific to my work, practical hands-on learning, exciting and creative methods. The LTAD conference has all of these and more, thanks for a great weekend."
Matt Depledge
Strength & Conditioning Coach - The LTA
"The conference again proves to be the best conference of the year. Mix of theory, applied research & practical. Many thanks James Baker, Mike Young, & all the excellent presenters! Top job!"
Ruth Taylor
Graduate S&C Coach - Malvern College Malaysia
"Great weekend at the LTAD conference at Hartpury. Informative, well-delivered presentations & practicals with some innovative ideas which have made me excited to get back to work!"

Get the Early Bird 25% discount by using the code 'earlybird' at the checkout

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